B2B Sales: An Insider's Guide to Organizational Selling

Organizational customers have their own unique ways of making decisions, and this book will give you an insider's perspective. Written by a 20-year veteran of B2B sales and purchasing, this book explores the challenges of B2B sales from both sides of the sales/purchasing equation. Explore the intricacies of selling to committee purchasing teams. Gain the insider's perspective that other salespeople lack.
Highlights include:

  • Master the committe-based sales situation. Learn why purchasing and end user groups at the Fortune 500 require different sales pitches, and how to filter information for both.
  • Speak the same language as your organizational customers. Understand how to align the traditional sales cycle to the corporate purchasing process. Learn the one discipline that will make every buyer eager to accept your calls.
  • Overcome the price vs. cost challenge. Learn the rules for quoting to B2B prospects, and discover how you can protect your company's pricing position in an era of rigorous cost analysis.
  • Never struggle with B2B cold calling again. Use five basic steps that make B2B cold calling far less nerve-wracking.
  • Move beyond the sales techniques that everyone else uses. Most sales techniques originate in B2C sales, which are inappropriate for B2B situations. The inside perspective of this book will help you to identify what aspects of your sales style may be holding you back when making pitches to large customers.
  • Work more effectively with corporate purchasing departments. Take an honest, inside, and "politically incorrect" look at Fortune 500 purchasing departments. Learn why many corporate buyers are challenging business partners, and how you can modify your style to reduce friction and be seen as an asset by even the most cynical buyers and purchasing managers. 
  • Understand how the Internet has impacted B2B sales. Learn how the information glut has changed the way organizational customers interact with salespeople, and how you can turn the new environment to your advantage.
  • The paper purchasing trail, organizational budgets, and more. This book explains the nuts and bolts as well as the "big picture." From organizational budgeting strategies to RFQs and online purchasing systems, this book gives you a grasp of the details that take many salespeople years to acquire through osmosis.