Survive, Live or Thrive?: Simple Self-Help Tips for Those Who Feel Stuck in a Rut

After going through an extended depression after losing a close friend, the author of Survive, Live or Thrive? had an aha moment that inspired and propelled her to start writing and creating once again. She is now thriving and feeling revived in many areas of her life, and ironically it all started with a self-help audiobook! This self-help guide speaks to those who feel that they may be stuck in a rut in one or more areas of their life, including: - pursuing your dreams
- making good money
- dating and love relationships
- family relationships
- self-love
Though this self-help book is specifically targeted for women who are experiencing challenges in their lives, the concepts apply to everyone from every walk of life. Fueled by the idea that life is meant to be easy and enjoyable, it is loaded with stories, blog posts and other inspirations to help propel you to the ultimate goal: THRIVING in every area of your life. Survive, Live or Thrive? by L. Lynn Gilliard speaks to you in simple, every day language about things that you can relate to. Let this little self-help book be the first stepping stone on your road to a more fulfilling and happy life.