Sassy Gal's How to Lose the Last Damn 10 Pounds or 15, 20, 25 ...: How I told all diet gurus, fitness experts, and skinny people to go to hell. Then I ... ate them, and still lost weight. You can too!

Get out of the way skinny girls, diet gurus and fitness fanatics--here comes SASSY GAL with a clever new approach to losing weight you will actually want to follow! Forget the ridiculous miracle diets, survival type food plans and strenuous workouts that lead most of us to quit and say "to hell with it all!" This lifestyle plan encourages laughter as a pathway to success. The first thing you'll do is delete the negative, destructive words diet and exercise and replace them with your own humorous versions such as "Gimme Skinny or "Kick Ass Plan." Then, with Sharon's help, add some simple, believable strategies- like becoming a Vegevore (so you can eat it all!), and you're on your way to a happier, calmer and slimmer you. It's about time someone with real life experience tells it like it is and banishes all the unrealistic diet and exercise bullshit that doesn't work, and guides us on an inspirational weight loss journey.