MAKING IT RIGHT Why your Car Payments are lasting longer than your FACTORY PAINT JOB (Basic Guide)

Basic Guide - Written for the Consumer - Assists consumer in dealing with auto dealer and automaker. The book summarizes the auto industry's recent business practices of assigning process and quality responsibility to the paint supplier. The finishes of vehicles used for quality control purposes of approximately nine million vehicles were analyzed. Our research concludes that thin paint coatings are the major cause of peeling, blistering and chipping, not bird droppings, stone chips or environmental issues. The Basic Guide teaches the consumer the criteria used by the auto industry for determining if a vehicle has met factory paint specifications. It provides instructions for requesting specific details from the auto dealer. This criteria assesses if paint failure (paint peeling, chipping, rusting) resulted from a defective factory paint job. Ideal for any consumer wanting facts versus subjective opinion in determining why paint issues are occurring. Independent Review found at -