Ringing in the Ear - Tinnitus Relief (What if it's)

When 10 million persons with Tinnitus seek relief, they may be told that nothing can be done for it, or to use “Miracle Ear Drops.” Now, the whole person program that Murray Grossan, M.D. has used effectively for his own patients is here. It is presented in a manner easy to follow, just like learning a tennis serve! Best of all, you are provided with a coach, your mirror, to show you when you do the actions right. Relief from ear ringing requires that ALL the tinnitus factors be addressed, including full understanding (cognition), and new brain circuits. This whole body approach works, because when you understand WHY you do these actions, then the mind is engaged in the therapy. Dr. Grossan has published on Tinnitus therapy since 1970. He is board certified in Ear Nose and Throat, (Otolaryngology), and practices at Cedars Sinai Medical in Los Angeles. Show More Show Less