Silicone On Trial: Breast Implants and the Politics of Risk

“Silicone on Trialoffers a meticulous and readable accounting of the breast implant fiasco, when an agency head’s arrogant mismanagement wrecked an industry and needlessly terrified millions of women, behavior that reveals a pernicious form of government corruption.”--Henry Miller MD, former director, Office of Biotechnology, U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationSilicone on Trial is an exceptional recounting of the controversial history of silicone medical devices, and how easily the public can be misled by dubious findings. Surgeon and historian Jack Fisher explains why government regulation falls prey to easy politics at the expense of sound science. Readers with breast implants or other implanted devices will find reassurance that silicone is safe for medical application. A plea is made for greater reliance on valid science instead of social activists and sensationalized media.“A must read for surgeons frustrated by years of FDA paternalism, also for patients seeking truth about breast implants or any other silicone device."--James Wells MD, past president, American Society of Plastic Surgery