Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup

A practical guide to the essential metrics every startup needs to succeed

There's an old cliché in business—if you can't measure it, you can't manage it—and that saying is especially true when talking about a startup business. Good metrics are one of the most important drivers to building a profitable, sustainable business, but without the proper understanding of them, entrepreneurs and investors can't expect to go far. That's why authors Brad Feld has created Startup Metrics.

In Startup Metrics—the third book in the Startup Revolution series—Feld draws on his long experiences in building, advising, and investing in companies of all sizes and across many markets to emphasize the importance of actionable business metrics. Along the way, he reveals what you should (and shouldn't) measure and talks about how to leverage what you learn from your measurements to drive the growth of your company.

  • Discusses the logic behind and process of getting useful metrics in play
  • Addresses why startups need different metrics than large companies, and what they are
  • Written by Brad Feld, a thought-leader in this field, who has extensive experience in the world of startups and venture capital

More than just a discussion of accounting data, this reliable resource skillfully details the metrics that are essential to any startup and how making sense of those numbers can help your startup excel in the long run.