Finding the Balance

Return once again to Demongate High, the only supernatural high school on Earth. If you went there for three years, then were forced to attend a regular high school, where no one had powers, you would be depressed too. Dean certainly is. He's the "new kid" in his senior year, and all his friends are elsewhere in the world because they can't go to school on the island anymore. But the supernatural world is everywhere, and as chaos grows, more and more improbable things start happening. Join Dean and his friends as they discover that source of chaos and try to restore balance before it's too late. If the guy who runs the Foundation will let him, that is. Martin DeVille is none to pleased with Dean, who keeps making talismans for his friends. After all, he is the greatest talisman maker on Earth, and he's still just a kid. His creations are much more powerful then they have a right to be, and that makes the Foundation just a little bit nervous. After all, what if he decides to take over?