The Best You'll Ever Have

Do you know how to find the elusive G-spot (with foolproof directions)? Do you have any idea how to stimulate his P-spot? (He might not even know he has one!) Would you like to have a better lust life? Then The Best You'll Ever Have is must-have bed-side reading. Shannon Mullen has spent years learning about every last nerve in the female bodyand every sex toy under the sun. She interviewed sex educators, doctors, and therapists. Then, armed with her favorite sex toys, or Sexories, she started talking to groups of women who gathered in living rooms all over the country. In these intimate Sex-Ed Salons, she shared the fruits of her extensive research with women, who opened up to her with their biggest questions, misconceptions, and fears (and revealed some fun and dirty stories along the way!). In The Best You'll Ever Have , you'll find a deliciously confessional, frank, and funny guide that will help you learn: How to feel sexually stimulated from head to toe How to incorporate Sexories into a sensational sex life How to tell your partner exactly what turns you on in bed How to achieve knock-your-socks-off orgasms whenever you want them How to spice things up with your partner so he can have knock-your-socks-off sex, too! Full of practical advice, illuminating tidbits of knowledge about our bodies, inspiration for anyone who has ever been confused about sex, and honest talk from real women who are all searching for a fabulous time in bed, The Best You'll Ever Have will help anyone turn on their lust life! From the Hardcover edition.