26 Steps to Succeed in Hollywood...or Any Other Business

“Hollywood is a small town. We don’t like strangers here.” So said a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel of Hollywood, The Last Tycoon. And it’s true. Breaking into Hollywood and riding to success there are no easy tasks. But Ben Stein and Al Burton have created a road map for succeeding in Hollywood. Twenty-six simple rules from “There Is No Quitting Time” to “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” to “Be Seen” tell you how to make it in Tinseltown. Anyone with eyes and ears and discipline can follow them . . . and this advice applies to every other kind of lucrative, difficult business as well—finance, politics, law—everything. These are rules for making it in a difficult world—by two men who know the rules, know the pitfalls, and have climbed the greasy pole to the top rung of success.