Evolutionary Theory and Processes: Modern Horizons: Papers in Honour of Eviator Nevo

This volume consists of four parts: (I.) Evolution of Life and Evolutionary Theory- including papers on the origin of life, stress and evolution, population genetic structure, convergent evolution in extremely halophilic prokaryotes, complex dynamics of multilocus genetic systems caused by cyclical selection, and evolutionary epistemology; (II.) Genome Evolution- including papers on adaptive genome regulation, comparative mammalian genomes and novel genes, selection as generator of genetic diversity, the biological role of pseudogenes, and genome signatures; (III.) Phylogeography and Phylogeny- including papers on phylogeographic hypotheses, mushroom phylogeny, macroevolution, and the origin of higher taxa; and (IV.) Human Evolution and Ecology- including papers on man's place in nature, telomere biology and aging, the origin of human hairlessness, and the effects of humans on Mediterranean landscapes.