The Role of Nitric Oxide in Heart Failure

Research in the field of nitric oxide (NO) has grown exponentially since 1998, when three prominent researchers were recognized by Nobel prize awards. With the expansion in knowledge and the growing number of publications on the role of NO in several disciplines, it has become necessary to separately review the current knowledge of the role of NO in the pathophysiology and therapeutics of the major cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, acute coronary syndromes and myocardial infarction, and heart failure. The emerging literature on the therapeutic implications of NO in pulmonary hypertension is also reviewed. This first volume is a compilation of a series of comprehensive review articles on selected topics that were published in the Journal of Heart Failure Reviews. The 20 excellent articles were contributed by some of the leading basic and clinician scientists in the field. The articles are well balanced and address clinically pertinent issues. The book should serve as an excellent reference source for basic science and medical students, medical residents and postdoctoral fellows, pharmacologists, physicians, cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, endocrinologists, nephrologists, and neurologists. It is our hope that the book will become a companion for cardiovascular researchers and scientists working in the field of NO, the role of NO in cardiovascular pathophysiology, and the development of NO-related targets for cardiovascular therapeutics.