Photochemistry of Organic Compounds: From Concepts to Practice

Photochemistry of Organic Compounds: From Concepts to Practice provides a hands-on guide demonstrating the underlying principles of photochemistry and, by reference to a range of organic reaction types, its effective use in the synthesis of new organic compounds and in various applications.

The book presents a complete and methodical approach to the topic,

  • Working from basic principles, discussing key techniques and studies of reactive intermediates, and illustrating synthetic photochemical procedures.
  • Incorporating special topics and case studies covering various applications of photochemistry in chemistry, environmental sciences, biochemistry, physics, medicine, and industry.
  • Providing extensive references to the original literature and to review articles.
  • Concluding with a chapter on retrosynthetic photochemistry, listing key reactions to aid the reader in designing their own synthetic pathways. 

This book will be a valuable source of information and inspiration for postgraduates as well as professionals from a wide range of chemical and natural sciences.