Things to Make and Do with Your Children

Making your own lift-the-flap book, doing counting rhymes, making a height chart—a collection of 150 inspiring and fun activities that will keep you and your child busy, whether you have five minutes or five days

For busy parents who feel pressured to keep their children entertained while also making sure they are learning, this book offers plenty of new ideas for activities, both indoors and out, and often on the spur of the moment. None of them are expensive or complicated and most don't need many ingredients or special equipment. A child development specialist has ensured that all the activities are not only fun but high in early learning content. Twelve different "development icons" alert parents to areas that are particularly stimulated by each activity, such as creativity, fine motor skills, memory, problem-solving, or responsibility. Whether they are "Taking Turns" (using a magazine to prompt a child to make up a story based on each page's pictures), performing "Water Music" (learning about pitch through striking jars with different amounts of water), making "Fairy Wings" with wire and tights, or playing one of many games for the car, children—and their caretakers—will be happy, inspired, and entertained.