A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines: A Record of High Endeavour and Strange Adventure from 500 B.C. to 1920 A.D. (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)

"The publishers believe that such a book would not be complete without some characters that are no less real because they have lived only in the minds of men. No explanation is needed for semi-historical characters like King Arthur, Robin Hood and William Tell, while Don Quixote, the Prince of Madness, and Rip Van Winkle, the Prince of Laziness, have been included, not because they were essentially heroic in themselves (although Don Quixote might well have claimed the laurel) but because they became heroes in the opinion of others through the very qualities that brought about their downfall. "

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By Jen (Fefferbooks) (The United States) · December 09, 2008
I snagged this from my dad, whom I understand got it from my great-grandfather. I'm unclear about whether it was his or his father's, but either way, the 1920 copyright date is probably the original publish date on this copy. It's ooold. And therefore cool. It's in excellent condition. ...more