What's Up There: A Source Book in Space Oriented Mathematics for Grades Five Through Eight

This book has been written to help your students understand space and the problems of its exploration by utilizing the scientific and mathematical skills which they already possess or are in the process of mastering. In our space-oriented era, people from all walks of life need to work together to realize the advantages offered by technological advancement. It is important that students recognize such interdependence. The challenging problems of space exploration are so complex that success comes only as a result of the combined efforts of many people working as a team toward some common goal. Inherent in all of this material is the emphasis on the team approach to the solution of problems. It is basic and fundamental to the full functioning of every student in any American school today. For the student who is less advanced, there are simple experiments, simple problems. For the more advanced, there are limitless possibilities to challenge creative and intellectual competencies. By sharing and working together, students learn from each other, stimulate each other, and share the fruits of their discovery. The material is not presented developmentally. It is suggested that the contents be used selectively as they apply to the situations which develop in your classroom, rather than sequentially. The book will probably be used more by students in the intermediate grades and junior high school than in others, although some parts of it will furnish suggestions as to areas of experimentation and investigation for younger students. This publication is the result of the "team" approach also. Personnel of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the United States Office of Education, cooperated in the formation of the Committee on Space Science Oriented Mathematics, whose goal it has been to develop this publication.