Dream Weaver (Hidden Falls Romance)

While others might long for city lights, Claire Connors is content in Hidden Falls teaching high school and serving on every town committee. But when a dwindling population threatens to close the school and change the town irrevocably, Claire knows it'll take a small miracle to keep her hometown alive.

That's when John Moreland enters the scene. He made millions in urban gentrification and has no intention of returning to his ancestral home of Hidden Falls, even though the family estate is up for sale. He also has absolutely no intention of doing business with feisty Claire Connors. Intelligent and beautiful, she's everything John could ever want in a partner or a wife, but he doesn't want a partner or a wife. Or so he thinks.

Sparks fly, fanned by Claire's matchmaking grandmother and a meddling town council. There should be no chance of a happy ending. But sometimes miracles happen when you least expect them.