JJ's Business Bullets: Why Businesses Suck and What We Can Do About It Volume 1

The biggest crisis facing business today is assholes--).(s. After 795 jobs, JJ's seen it all. Quitting the day the ). (s show up, he roamsthe workplace as the anti-guru, the mirror, sharing truths about why so much about business sucks and what we can do about it. JJ's signs you picked the wrong-Job: Boss exorcism fails, leaving green puke all over your desk. Business airline: Matching pair of aisle-seating dropped-overhead-baggage concussions. Head hunter: Asks if you've ever trained attack dogs. Business hotel: Conciergelapel pin reads "Bite me!" Business lunch restaurant: Your choice of live chickens. Corporate location: Gang graffiti corporate logo. Bank: Branch manager accidentally wipes his ass on your loan application. Lobbyist: Drives up to Capitol, blows horn, throws your brochures out the window. Receptionist:¿Takes time out of each busy day to bitch-slap the FedEx delivery guy. Wacky bosses, empowerment, briefings, meetings, finances, small offices, mentors, commuting, business locations, new hires, boards of directors, annual reports, desks,¿parking garages, new products, virtual corporations, change, rental cars, resumes, downsizing, mergers, e-business, lawyers, competition,advertising, office royalty, consultants, conventions, and many, many more-JJ's seen it all!