How to Pick the Best Tenant

"How to Pick The Best Tenant" is a tenant selection guidebook for homeowners, managers, and real estate investors. It outlines and details proven methods to find and rent to the best-qualified tenant from a pool of applicants. Chapters include: How to find and keep long term, stable tenants Why using a process is better than your intuition How to calculate if an applicant can afford your rent How to tell if you have a high-risk candidate Which renting methods to avoid Renting to friends and/or relatives Website information You Need This Book If: You are a First Time Home Buyer with Tenants You Do Not Know How to Find or Pick a Tenant You Have Made Poor Tenant Choices in the Past You are Unfamiliar with Federal Fair Housing Laws You Want to Rent Your Apartments On Your Own "Carolyn's [property management] activities and experiences allow her to view issues from a variety of lenses. She is highly successful at structuring and framing complex regulations and policies into clear, concise and meaningful learning experiences" Mary Frances Mitchner - Management Consultant "Carolyn combines her knowledge of property management and services, and shares this information with others as an author with this book" Janine Spinola-Taylor - Nonprofit Deputy Director "Carolyn can make you laugh while getting straight to the heart of the matter" Barbara Post - Teacher