Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple

Spend any amount of time in the outdoors and you have probably found that mealtime is full of trade-offs. Do you choose foods that fuel your body or foods that satisfy your taste buds? Do you spend the extra time to prepare a real meal or grab a protein bar on the go? Freezer Bag Cooking™ minimizes these trade-offs by changing the concepts of traditional outdoor food. It offers simplicity, convenience and variety and whirls them together with the philosophies of lightweight outdoor adventuring. The cooking gear needed is minimal, lightweight and can be bought, found or even made. When ready to eat, the meal is prepared in and eaten out of the freezer bag. Mealtime becomes fast, effortless and cleanup is as easy as licking your utensil and sealing the zip top bag. So whether you like to be fancy with your food or keep it simple, “Freezer Bag Cooking™: Trail Food Made Simple” can be your ticket to better eating and enjoyment of your outdoor experience