Milla's Villa 

At age 16, a na¯ve Kate Brody meets handsome Frank Connor at a local dance. He is from a fairly wealthy family; she is a poor factory girl from a nearby village. Soon, love entwines their hearts. When Frank's domineering mother discovers her favorite son is smitten with a girl she deems beneath his class, she begins to contrive a devious plan. As the lover's relationship deepens, Frank is secretly drugged against his will and put on a ship to Canada, leaving Kate without any explanations as to his whereabouts. Sadly, Kate's decision to tell Frank of her pregnancy is denied. Heartbroken and feeling abandoned, she vows never to allow another man to pierce her soul. After a lengthy convalescence, Frank regains his memory and rushes home to England only to find Kate has married a man she does not love. The story encompasses love, passion, laughter, tragedy, betrayal, and even a heartwarming segment involving Bing Crosby. Above all else, however, it is a love story that endures for over half a century.