Zo Sez (Nothing Profound)

Alfred Wright played drums with The Sun Ra Intergalactic Research Arkestra and The Myth Science Arkestra under the name of Alzo Wright. This jazz band played in cities from New York to San Francisco and abroad (London, Paris, Rome). Being in the presence of the Ancient Egyptian and outer space philosopher/musician Sun Ra, Zo was actuated to another level of consciousness. After seven or eight years of intermittent travel, Zo returned to his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey, where he intensified his wood sculpting and musical study. He taught himself how to play the viola and created two instruments which use viola strings. He refused to play music, supporting his wife and daughter (a product of home schooling) as a substitute teacher and odd job worker. Zo determined to sculpt a thousand pieces of wood as a challenge to his psyche, but ultimately created close to 1200 discrete works — two are permanently in museums — which range from detailed miniatures to the colossal, before he laid down his mallets and chisels a few years ago. Important, though, is that during this period of sculpting he was jotting down each pithy thought which came to him whether it be erudite or humorous, philosophical or witty. After compiling numerous sayings, he classified them into book form. Thence emerged Zo Sez.