The Test: A Seeker's Journey to the Meaning of Life

The Test: A Seeker's Journey to the Meaning of Life (Winepress, 2010) is a fresh and deeply thought-provoking exploration and defense of the biblical worldview.
As the title indicates, it primarily targets seekers: spiritually hungry souls who can't quite shake the feeling that there may be something to the God of the Bible after all. However, it also targets Christians, endeavoring to help them better understand what they believe, why they believe it, and how to communicate their faith skillfully to friends and loved ones.
 This book advances a fresh paradigm on the meaning of life, arguing that human existence is not the pointless "mess" spoken of by our postmodern friends in high places, but rather a God-given test of our love of the truth, of our willingness to seek and find the one true worldview.
It also defends the philosophical trustworthiness of Christ and the Bible, demonstrating how God has dramatically placed his seal of approval upon these two, marking them out as the true religious and philosophical teachers of the human race.
The Test surveys the biblical worldview in considerable depth, responds to common objections, and carefully explores the implications of Christ's teachings for seekers. It also compares and contrasts the biblical worldview with others that modern seekers are likely to encounter, devoting special attention to atheistic naturalism, Eastern and New Age pantheism, and Islam.
Along the way, author Dean Davis is careful to relate aspects of his own difficult search for truth, thus placing biographical flesh and blood upon the philosophical skeleton of the book.  
This long, challenging book will not appeal to the casual or faint-hearted. It will, however, supply both hope and help to spiritually hungry souls, souls eager to make and complete the ultimate journey to the ultimate destination: the meaning of life.