What Men Say, What Women Hear: Bridging the Communication Gap One Conversation at a Time

Dr. Papadopoulos tackles the saying, hearing, and listening gap between men and women that can complicate every step of a relationship. By applying clinical techniques to fun--and oh-so-familiar--examples, the author helps eliminate unnecessary relationship anxiety.

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By Tatiana (Providence, RI) · ★★★☆☆ · January 06, 2014
Although it reads a bit like an overlong Cosmo article, a bit cold, distant, and stereotyped, I found this book to be a good introduction to the large communication gap between traditionally socialized and gender normed women and men Please don't go into this expecting to read anything that is no... ...more
By Jamison (Tulsa, OK) · ★★★★☆ · July 01, 2011
this is a good book for learning how to communicate with your partner. ...more