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Portia's Exclusive and Confidential Rules on True Friendship

Portia Avatar, psychoanalytic girl detective, is back on the case! While continuing to try and glean clues from her bohemian mother about the true whereabouts of her missing father, Patch, Portia is distracted by the appearance of a new girl in school, who has brought a mystery along with her.Misty Longfellow has barely started at Palmville Middle School when she approaches Portia looking for help. Turns out Misty is a young animal rescuer, always out to save some critter, from spiders to dogs, but forced to hide them from her parents who don't always approve. Her latest dilemma? Misty recently rescued a bunny rabbit who now seems to be down in the dumps. Portia agrees to help Misty find the answer to the bunny's troubles, and wonders if she'll also figure out why Misty seems to care more about animals than fitting in with other kids!