Life On The Road: Traveling Full-Time in a Motor Home

This is the true story of a retired couple's search for an alternative lifestyle. They decided to purchase a motor home and try traveling full-time and were quickly converted to this non-traditional life of adventure. This book describes their first two years on the road (through small town America, historic cities, seaside villages, tourist destinations, national parks. . .) and the experiences that transformed them. Thoreau said, "We must awaken and stay awake not by mechanical means, but by a constant expectation of the dawn." Adopting this attitude, they learned that in one instant of pure attention, they could draw something inside themselves them changed them forever. This is not your typical travel book. It does not tell you where to go, where to stay, what to do, or where to eat. Rather, the reader experiences what it's like to live a life devoted to discovery - and learns that the richness of life comes not from outer achievement, but from Maslow's "peak experience" - the discovery of that thing that tells you about your relationship with the harmony of being.