This novel treats two essential subjects: Faith and human fraternity. We read in different parts of the Bible "your faith has healed you" and "your faith has saved you". All those who were healed and saved, sought help from the Lord and Savior and put their absolute confidence in his power. For if he wants to save or heal he will certainly do. How did the American pilot John Rainbow, in the twenty-seventh of February 1991, during the war of Kuwait's liberation, sought help from the Lord and found his salvation?In this world where violent conflicts lead to war, destruction, miseries, and grieves, the flame of fraternization kept lightening the skies of the humanity. Two men of different nationality and religion, rather of two countries in a state of war, kindled this flame.How did Doctor Hassan Al Hakim, captain in the Iraqi army, meet Pilot John Rainbow of the American army? What happened in February of 1991? How did they reunite in Baghdad after the collapse of the regime on the ninth of April 2003?