Shorts in a Wad : One Hundred 100-Word Stories

Some stories require a Giant Economy-Size Canvas upon which to paint their portrait of the world, as readers of Tolstoy, Pynchon, Dickens, and Hugo will attest. But there is something to be said for the short story... and, by extension, the Ridiculously Short Story. There's not a lot of time or space for character development, intricately layered plots, or adjective-packed scenery. With a fixed-length format, every word has got to count. Quick and punchy rule the day. In his first collection of stories, Steve Krodman covers a lot of ground - familiar characters and places, cringe-inducing puns, tender nostalgia, and the outright silly - all in baby steps of exactly one hundred words apiece. Devour them all at once or savor them one at a time? You decide.