A Town Called Sometimes

Powerful, prophetic and at times disturbing, A Town Called Sometimes by poet and short fiction writer Robert Fischer shares a Western tale filled with the forlorn heartache of two young men with troubled pasts. Written upon the wide-open, expansive and often stark landscape of the New Mexico frontier, two men with blood on their hands will fail to come to grips with the memories of their cruel fathers. One of Mexican decent and the other half Comanche Indian, together they will forge a dangerous friendship in which all of Texas will pay for their fathers' transgressions. The fact is that violence begets violence, and when the two boys escape from a jail in South Texas their present becomes as blood-spattered as their past. Their bloody rampage through Texas seems as inevitable as it seems impossible to stop until they cross the path of a strong-armed and vigilant retired deputy sheriff in a town called Sometimes. With a searing prose, this author shares a story of deliverance and one that aptly portrays the ties that bind effect us all.