Small Business Ru!es: The 52 Essential Rules To Be Successful In Small Business

Small business owners and managers face increasing challenges in a difficult economic climate. One way to deal with daily struggles is to gain awareness of the obstacles and pitfalls...and know how to overcome them. Mathew Dickerson, one of Australia's leading IT entrepreneurs, makes this possible with his exciting and instructive book, Small Business Ru!es: The 52 Essential Rules to Be Successful in Small Business. In a logical and very readable format, Dickerson describes fifty-two rules that, if followed, help a small business to succeed. Dickerson covers it all: setting high standards, turning perceived failures into positive learning experiences, being clear about commitment and purpose to evaluating attitudes toward the workplace. He also delves into interfacing with clients, and co-workers, identifying the strengths of one's staff and using them to the fullest. Every aspect pertinent to running and growing a small business is covered in this exceptional book.

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By Kathie (Irvine, CA) · ★★★★☆ · April 04, 2010
Small Business Rules”
By Mathew Dickerson
It’s like reading the 10 Commandments for small businesses and business owners.

52 rules useful for small businesses and for many other projects as well!
Mathew Dickerson writes a personal, useful guide for every small business owner. It can help you in your... ...more