Toxicology of the Nose and Upper Airways (Target Organ Toxicology Series)

Toxicology of the Nose and Upper Airways presents a culmination of knowledge as a result of both human and experimental animal studies over the past decade. The application of molecular biologic methods, recognition of neurogenic inflammatory processes, and utilization of genetic knockout animals are just some of the advances in toxicology of the upper airways in recent years. This book pulls all of this valuable research together, and includes:

  • Contributions from internationally-recognized leaders in the fields of experimental toxicology, respiratory medicine, otolaryngology, allergy, and sensory science.
  • Examines the effect of selected pollutants on the upper airways of both humans and experimental animals, while emphasizing mechanistic issues in the process.
  • Epidemiologic findings from populations exposed occupationally or environmentally are reviewed, and alternative risk assessment approaches are compared and contrasted.
  • Experimental data from both animal and human studies.
  • Chapters organized into clear sections on structure and function, dosimetry and toxicokinetics, functional and pathologic responses and their measurement, responses to specific agents, risk assessment and special topics.

Toxicology of the Nose and Upper Airways is an essential reference for pharmacologists and toxicologists concerned with the nose and upper airway, as well as clinicians, risk assessors, and sensory scientists.