ITIL® Service Management: Implementation and Operation

  • Who are our customers?
  • What services do we offer our customers and are they willing to pay for these?
  • Would our customers choose another provider?
  • Do we measure our performance in terms of our customers' business performance?
  • Does our governance model allow us to identify and make wise investments?
  • Do we need to align ourselves and integrate with our customers? Where do we start? How can we achieve it while making business benefits transparent and keeping the sponsorship alive?

Answering these questions and more, ITIL® Service Management: Implementation and Operation focuses on how to achieve the best return from your IT service management implementation investment, in the least possible time. It discusses the key challenges organizations experience as they leverage ITIL® Version 3 to achieve desired transformations—including the approaches adopted to address those challenges. It includes templates, checklists, implementation patterns, and detailed plans for each pattern to kick start your implementation efforts.

Detailing the components needed to implement, operate, and optimize ITIL service management, the text explains the organizational architecture required to achieve Business-IT integration within ITIL. Complete with case studies, examples, problems, and access to additional resources on the author’s website, the book illustrates how to achieve service management excellence with ITIL—in a way that’s seamless to your customers and enables the delivery of business value effectively, visibly, and efficiently.