Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products

Introduction Sensory Shelf Life Definition Labeling Regulations Shelf Life of Foods Is Sensory Shelf Life Importance of the Consumer in Defining Food Quality Books on Shelf Life of Foods References Principles of Sensory Evaluation Introduction Definition of Sensory Evaluation Sensory Analysis: Trained Panels versus Experts General Requirements and Conditions for Sensory Tests Physiological Factors Psychological Factors Sensory Evaluation Methods References Design of Sensory Shelf-Life Experiments Initial Considerations Approximations of Shelf-Life Values References Survival Analysis Applied to Sensory Shelf Life What is Survival Analysis? Censoring Survival and Failure Functions Shelf Life Centered on the Product or on Its Interaction with the Consumer? Experimental Data Used to Illustrate the Methodology Censoring in Shelf-Life Data Model to Estimate the Rejection Function Calculations Using the R Statistical Package Interpretation of Shelf-Life Calculations An Additional Example Should Consumers be Informed? Is There a Way to Deal with Totally New Products? References Survival Analysis Continued: Number of Consumers, Current Status Data, and Covariates Number of Consumers Current Status Data Introducing Covariates in the Model References Cut-Off Point Methodology When is the Survival Statistics Methodology Difficult to Apply? Basics of the Cut-Off Point Methodology Approaches in Establishing a COP Methodology to Measure the COP Instrumental Cut-Off Points Caveats for Using COP Methodology References Accelerated Storage Introduction Arrhenius Equation and Activation Energy The Use of Q10 Survival Analysis Accelerated Storage Model Potential Pitfalls of Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing Conclusion on Accelerated Testing References Other Applications of Survival Analysis in Food Quality Consumer Tolerance Limits to a Sensory Defect Optimum Concentration of Ingredients in Food Products Optimum Salt Level in French Bread Internal Cooking Temperature of Beef Optimum Ripening Times of Fruits References Index