Bleach, Vol. 19

Cleaning up the afterlife – one spirit at a time!


R to L (Japanese Style). Cleaning up the afterlife – one spirit at a time!

Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts, he was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow (a malevolent lost soul) Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits themselves find peace. Find out why Tite Kubo's Bleach has become an international manga smash-hit!

The rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex-Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. Determined to save her, Rukia's childhood friend Renji vows to cut down the captain of his own squad, unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits him.

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By Nick (Cary, NC) · ★★★★★ · May 13, 2008
Overall Rating: A+
Synopsis: Ichigo Kurosaki sees ghosts, and fights...a lot. All of this is pretty normal for Ichigo, but then he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami (Death God) and member of the mysterious Soul Society. When a Hollow, an evil spirit, attacks Ichigo and his family, Rukia attempts to... ...more
By Vendea (Czech Republic) · ★★★★☆ · April 10, 2015
"Sorry, Byakuyo, ale nemám žádný strašidelný útoky jako ty. Zangetsu mě naučil jenom jeden útok, Getsuga Tenshou." - To mi chcete říct, že Zangetsu je bezdomovec, který umí jeden útok? :D Byakuya je fakt král kytiček. ...more
By Federiken (Los Aires / Buena Plata, 07, Argentina) · ★★★★☆ · November 01, 2014
Geniales peleas para ir cerrando una genial saga. Puntos extra para la edición argentina porque incluye las veintipico de páginas a color del capítulo 162, el que le da nombre al tomo. ...more
By La Revistería (Buenos Aires, Argentina) · ★★★★☆ · November 13, 2014
¡¡Impresionante tomo hiperviolento que incluye bocha de páginas a color!! ...more
By Taruia (Perth, 08, Australia) · ★★★★☆ · July 13, 2014
After a few weeks reading Bakuman and Death Note I am happily ensconced in a proper battle manga (which uses a nice measure of humour that Ohba-san and Obata-san could well copy, but now I am going off topic) Ichigo continues to battle Byakuya which could go either way, really. ...more
By Georgina (The United Kingdom) · ★★★★★ · February 13, 2012
This volume of Bleach is one of my favourites of all-time. Ichigo is back on the cover and he soon becomes my favourite character due to his actions in this volume; he fights his enemies persistently, vows over and over to save Rukia and ultimately he wins over the hearts of both the characters i... ...more
By Stephen (Dublin 04 (UCD), Luxembourg) · ★★★☆☆ · November 01, 2014
Bleach was definitely very interesting to read and different to what I usually read. I enjoyed the whole soul reaper concept and how we find out more and more about the main character as the story goes on.

It's a fast read and is easy to understand but gets progressively more difficult to follow p... ...more
By Malxox · ★★★★☆ · December 09, 2013
A majority of this volume was spent watching Ichigo grow stronger against Byakuya and everything - and I have a really difficult time with mangas and fight scenes because my brain lags not being able to actually watch it play out. That is my justified reason as to why this is rated four stars. I'... ...more