Behind the Line

Third down, four yards to gain! The referee trotted out of the scrimmage line and blew his whistle; the Hillton quarter-back crouched again behind the big center; the other backs scurried to their places as though for a kick. "9 - 6 - 12!" calle

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By Heather (Hayward, CA) · ★★☆☆☆ · April 21, 2010
This book was fine, it just wasn't much more than okay for me. It's about two friends who play college football in the year 1900. It's more about the football than the friends. But, since I'm not partiularly interested in football the brilliance of the plays and the long descriptions of the games... ...more
By Victoria (Philadelphia, PA) · March 25, 2013
1902. Vintage elements: Cheerful Cripple, who turns out to create the winning football defense. Repeated mawkish "if only I could play...but I can't!" Bad kid redeemed. ...more