A Loving Home

Both Jacqueline Scott and Richard Manning own this home. Only one thing separates that fact. Time. Jacqueline Scott received her childhood home from her mother. She decides to keep the house and finish up her mother’s work. Becoming so engrossed with her mother’s discovery of the house’s history she doesn’t realize a storm is brewing until the thunder booms. Running outside to lock the barn doors, she stumbles on a root. When the limb crashes she blacks out. When she finally awakens she finds herself in her home, only one hundred years before—a time when war raged in the U.S. and a time when gentlemen existed. Richard Manning finds this woman on his property during a storm, in need of help. With the thought of going to war and the fact he would have to leave his children, he is not in a happy mood. Deciding it best to keep his distance, he finds he is still strongly attracted to this woman. Yet she seems to hold a secret, dresses like a man, rides like one, and now he’s been convinced to leave her in the care of his children! Can these two people lost in time and memories bring their love forth, to make the home they both love A Loving Home? As war continues, and the attraction becomes stronger, passion flares. Can both find a love together strong enough to conquer time and space?