Winnie the Whale and the Ocean Liner

Janice A. Vailes is a native Washingtonian of the District of Columbia and mother of three children, two boys and a girl. They are grown, married and have families. When she is not teaching or tutoring children, her time is spent writing and illustrating animalsÂ’ and childrenÂ’s picture book adventures. Over the past few years, she has welcomed the opportunity to read a few of her stories to the students in her classroom and at family gatherings. The childrenÂ’s response was of great interest and enjoyment. Children will enjoy reading the adventures of Winnie the Whale and the Ocean Liner. Ms. Vailes believes childrenÂ’s and animalsÂ’ adventures should be enjoyed by parents and teachers as well, and she is looking forward to introducing many of her stories to children all over the world to read, share and enjoy.