Saving Your Business Is Like Saving Your Life

People are fascinated by medicine as evidenced by the number of medical dramas on television. These same people are also fascinated by business, particularly the things that make a company successful. Dr Dresnick melds his extensive medical and business experience in an insightful and entertaining book which looks at the elements of taking care of critically ill and injured patients and how those same elements apply to "sick" companies. Dr. Dresnick has achieved national prominence as a physician AND as a corporate CEO. He has used his real life experiences as a physician and as a business man to make his points. Learn how to take your company's vital signs before it is too late! Learn the approach to dealing with a sick company. This book isn't just the usual business theory; it is based on true medical AND business experience. Learn to approach business problems in the same way as doctors do who save lives everyday. As Dr. Dresnick explains, "Saving Your Business IS Like Saving Your Life."