Net Vampire

Net Vampire is a history about two vampires, Denise and Gustavo that introduce other two friends into their world of vampirism through a Demon. Mark and Jane walk into a cave without knowing that they will have to convert into vampires and now they'll have to discover their new world and their new powers. At many moments, they we'll be at the edge of their doom. One of them even has to go to hell. After they were almost killed by a group of policemen, who were looking for them. In her act of revival Denise suffers a possession by an entity, but this entity is weak and needs a medicament to survive in her body... Later, after Denise and Gustavo found their selves in a new neighborhood, they felt in a pit, pushed by a group of not very friendly boys. This pit had magical powers, and they will be in great danger of spending the eternity there. Finally, the books finishes when Denise wanted to learn a new trick from a magician but him is a charlatan!