Abby and Riley's First Day Home

This book began as a way of putting down on paper the feelings that I had as I watched my new golden retriever puppies walk around in our backyard in wide-eyed wonderment. The imaginary conversations that I concocted were actually going through my mind as I watched these precious little girls explore and adapt to their new surroundings. I have been consistently surprised at how much emotion and love our puppies have been able to share with us and how human some of those emotions seem to be. It is with this in mind that I decided to train these puppies to become therapy dogs and to share their affection with children that need some good hearted attention. As I wrote the story of our puppies and their chance meetings with other animals in our backyard, I thought that the children that we visited at hospitals would really appreciate the opportunity to read the book while they were visiting with the main characters of this little adventure.