Just What He Wanted

Being summoned to the boss's office on a Monday afternoon might scare some people, but it took a lot to spook Travis Yardley. Standing in front of Spencer Thomas didn't do it. With the early June sun beating through his T-shirt and into his back, Travis jogged up the small hill leading from the greenhouse behind Thomas Nurseries' main building, with its buzz of traffic and customers, to the three-story farmhouse less than a hundred feet away. The top two levels served as private residences for the Thomas brothers, but the call came from the office phone on the main floor. As nursery foreman, Travis dealt with Spence and his brother, Austin, almost every day. Throw in the third partner, Mitch Anders, and Travis viewed any get-together more as reason to eat than panic. Not that they weren't good businessmen. They were in every way, taking the small plant nursery Spence and Austin's father built and turning it into a multi-state thriving business that included everything from sales to landscaping to tree inspections. But they all had different priorities now. Travis credited the women in their lives for the positive changes, especially Spence's fiance of a little more than a month, Lila Payne. With her around, Spence went from 'round-the-clock worker to a guy who insisted on having dinner at home every night. He now handled even the biggest work blow-up without yelling. Which was why everyone at the nurseryhell, everyone in the small town of Holloway, West Virginia, and the surrounding countyloved Lila. She took Spence from wary to almost stupid with happiness, and Travis didn't blame the guy. Lila was smart and sexy. Only an idiot would pass up that combination. With his off-the-charts IQ, Spence wasn't dumb. And at the moment he was busy laughing. Another new thing in Spence's life, but Travis heard the low sound as he shut the house's front door and stepped into the open entryway. After a quick glance up the staircase in front of him, he rounded the corner to his left and stepped into the office area...and got an eyeful of Lila sitting on Spence's lap. Long brown hair, khaki shorts and her arms wrapped around his neck. Nothing unusual about that, except that this clinch was happening in the middle of the office. Made Travis wonder what Spence did to get his woman alone and clear out the rest of the staff who usually sat at those empty desks. Rather than ask about that, Travis went with the call. "What's up?" Lila jumped at the sound of his voice. Her openmouthed surprise broke into a big smile when she glanced his way. "Travis." The woman sure knew how to make a guy feel welcome. "Ma'am." "I love when you get all southern and proper." She tugged on Spence's hand, breaking his hold and standing up. "You whip out that accent of yours and the ladies in the nursery go cross-eyed. Then sales go up, so it's a win-win." Lila was petite and pretty with a round face and big brown eyes. And she managed to take the hundred-sevent

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By Tina "coffee and books" (Fremont, OH) · ★★★★★ · July 05, 2013
4.5 stars

Just What He Wanted by Helen Kay Dimon is my favorite book of the Holloway series. I loved this book! Not only did we finally get to hear Travis’s story, but we got to revisit the previous characters that we know and love.

Travis Yardley has all that he’s ever wanted and he’s about to g... ...more
By Liza (Nashville, TN) · ★★★★★ · June 02, 2013
I'm a huge fan of HelenKay Dimon and jumped at the chance to read the newest Holloway series book early. I’m so thankful the publisher approved me for a review copy from NetGalley.

I've always wanted to know more about Travis. He has always been pretty secretive about his past and after watching t... ...more
By Under the Covers (Brooklyn, NY) · ★★★★☆ · October 24, 2014

What can I say? I'm a total sucker for sexy younger men that know what they want, have confidence, and have brains. That's what Travis Yardley has to offer. He's sweet and thoughtful, a hard worker, a sexy beast. I mean who doesn't want a guy that's just a tad rough on the outside?

We've gotten t...

By Romancing the (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · July 20, 2014
Reviewed by JoAnne
Book provided by the publisher for review
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

This is book four in the Holloway series but is easily a stand alone book since I hadn’t read any of the others and had no problem figuring out who everyone was and how they interacted with ea... ...more
By Sherry (Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · December 29, 2014
Of the 4 books in the Holloway series, Just What He Wanted, by HelenKay Dimon, was my least favourite surprisingly. I’ve always really liked Travis, and while I enjoyed the story, I quickly learned that Travis wasn’t exactly the guy I thought he was. The first 3 books made me see him as a hard wo... ...more
By Paris (Issaquah, WA) · ★★★★☆ · March 12, 2014
I wanted a story about Travis from the moment I met him in Lean on Me. There was something extremely intriguing about the quiet new kid to town. I couldn’t wait to unravel his mystery. And I was not disappointed by what was found. I wanted to just reach out and pull the poor guy into a hug. He ha... ...more
By Guilty Pleasures (Texas City, TX) · ★★★★☆ · June 13, 2013
Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Review copy provided for an honest review

I love older woman/younger man stories there’s just something so decadent about them even though the hero in this story is way more mature than his 25 years. Just What He Wanted is the fourth book in He... ...more
By Darcy (Minneapolis, MN) · ★★★☆☆ · June 21, 2013
I find this series to be cute and this story hits that on the dot. I loved that Travis was dumb struck when he first meets Andie, so much so that he can barely talk and ends up talking himself into a hole all the while Andie pulls a shotgun on him. You can’t help but to laugh or keep laughing as... ...more
By Mariana (Rio De Janeiro, 21, Brazil) · ★★★★☆ · June 26, 2013
I have a big problem following this series, because every time I look another book was released and I missed, but that’s completely fine because the stories are sweet and very easy to follow, almost stand alone, but the other couples are always popping up.

This couple had a very difficult life and... ...more
By Kim Reads · ★★★★★ · June 08, 2013
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews

I’ve been waiting for Travis’ story for a long time now, since LEAN ON ME in fact. In the previous books, which you don’t have to read, because JUST WHAT HE WANTED is a standalone, I fell for Travis who was a secondary chara... ...more