College Prowler Bucknell University Off The Record

Introduction from the Author

Bucknell is quite an interesting name for a top university. When people ask me where I go to school and I say, “Bucknell,” typical responses are “Buck what?” and “Wow, an Ivy League.” At this point I either enunciate and say, “Bucknell is a university in Central Pennsylvania,” or “No, I think you’re thinking of Cornell. I go to Bucknell.” While Bucknell may not be a part of the prestigious Ivy League, it’s definitely a top private university that many people refer to as a “baby Ivy,” whatever that means.

Ivy or not, Bucknell is known for its great academics, with small classes, professors who genuinely care, and top-notch facilities. Because of Bucknell’s rural surroundings, there is a real sense of community present all over campus. That’s something I noticed the very first time I visited. Students and professors alike are friendly and upbeat, and always willing to take the time to say hello. I came from a large public high school in California, where I didn’t feel that I had much of a presence in the community, both academically and socially. At Bucknell, though, everybody is an individual, as opposed to just a number on a professor’s role sheet.

When I was researching colleges, Bucknell was on a list of about twenty other private colleges and universities on the East Coast. Somehow, I managed to visit all of these institutions, but none of them made an impression as much as Bucknell did. I’m sure part of this was due to Bucknell’s breathtaking aesthetic beauty. Its brick buildings and sprawling lawns give Bucknell that traditional college look that I had always yearned for. If I made my decision to go to Bucknell on more superficial reasons, I can look back now and say that it was the right one. Bucknell has given me an intimate academic setting that has allowed me to open up and be more expressive. Socially, I have become much more extroverted and involved. I think this is due to the fact that I feel comfortable, safe, and happy in supportive surroundings that have truly allowed me to flourish as a person.

If you are like I was, and have made a list of universities that appealed to you initially, this book can help you set Bucknell apart. Bucknell is more than just a place to get your degree. It’s a place that prepares you for the real world by providing you with a supportive environment. At Bucknell, you can discover your passion and have lots fun along the way!

Lauren Davis, Author
Bucknell University