Healing Body, Mind and Spirit: An Integrative Medicine Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders

"Dr. Carolyn Ross has written a book that many have been waiting for. Alternative treatments are increasingly being used in all areas of medicine and psychology and eating disorders are no different. Dr. Ross describes how alternative treatments can be used with eating disorders and how alternative and traditional treatments can be combined. This book is a good addition to anyone's eating disorder library whether lay or professional."

Carolyn Costin, LMFT

Founder and Executive Director of The Monte Nido Treatment Center and its affiliates

Author: The Eating Disorder Sourcebook

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit goes beyond the conventional treatment of eating disorders and speaks to the transformative potential of tapping into a deeper level of healing. Integrative medicine takes into account the whole person - body, mind and spirit and uses both conventional therapies and complementary approaches to awaken the individual's own self-healing potential. The integrative medicine approach to treating eating disorders developed by the author goes beyond the understanding that eating disorders can be described by their biological, physiological and genetic basis. Healing Body, Mind and Spirit examines the emotional underpinnings, core beliefs and the deeper urges of the soul yearning for expression in those who suffer from these life-threatening conditions.