Internet Sex Offenders

One of the most chilling aspects of our technological age is the seeming ease with which perpetrators can use the internet to commit sexual offenses. Fears of "internet predators" have led to unprecedented media attention and the mobilization of legal and investigative resources toward identifying and prosecuting child pornography and solicitation offenders, as well as a great deal of research into all aspects of online sexual offending in hopes of clarifying, reducing, and eliminating these kinds of offenses.

In this comprehensive, state-of-the-science work, Michael C. Seto examines a wealth of research conducted over the last decade (including his own extensive work in this area) regarding the use and contribution of the internet to sexual crimes including the creation and dissemination of child pornography, and online and offline solicitation efforts leading to contact offenses such as rape and sexual assault. He examines the etiology and characteristics of online offenders, the relation between online and omine offending, and provides practical information relevant to risk assessment, law, and treatment. He also investigates the impact of the internet on related issues such as statutory offending, "grooming" tactics, "sexting," as well as the truth about "stranger danger" and the real risk to children of assault and abduction.