It May Not Be Your Fault That You Were Sabotaged, But It's Your Responsibility to Get Fixed: Thoughts, Insights and Anecdotes to help you get in Alignment with your Assignment

The word sabotage derived its name from a wooden shoe that was called a sabot (French). It is said that during the early nineteenth century, disgruntled employees would throw their sabots into machines that were in operation. As a result, the machines would break down, thus hindering operations and production. From a military point of view, sabotage is the act of an individual or group of individuals to cause damage or destruction to facilities, equipment, or supply routes. There are many ways that our spiritual lives are sabotaged. As such, it often serves to hinder us from becoming everything God wants us to be. However, instead of people throwing shoes in our path to trip us up, more subtle obstacles are thrown. Many times, those obstacles may go undetected for years, but eventually surface to cause us problems or confusion later in life. In this book, we will discuss how to recognize and, if necessary, make course corrections against the pitfalls and traps that seemingly come out of nowhere against you or a loved one. You will receive practical guidance on how to maneuver your way to the objectives and goals God has set for you. For many, this study will help them realign their priorities with what really matters. For others, it will encourage them to stay focused, stay committed, and stay the course.