Izzy Watson is confused. Being a fourteen-year-old high school freshman is confusing enough by itself. But now her parents have rocked her world by telling her the family secert and Izzy's life just turned upside-down. And things are about to get a whole lot worse. Free-spirited, self-confident Izzy Watson is headed to a new school, an uptight and straight-laced boarding school where she has no friends and no idea of how to make any. Her problems start quickly and come at her fast and furious. A feud with the most popular girl in school, the beautiful and completely evil Cassandra Smithton. An exciting but strangely confusing first romance. And, most bewildering of all, a series of mysterious letters from and unknown author. Izzy's mixed-up, chaotic freshman year becomes a chase to find the author of the puzzling letters and to find her true self, a chase that leads her to a stunning and explosive conclusion.