Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories and Tips for Caregiving Your Elderly Parents

For more than 75 million people in the United States providing care for an aging parent, Barbara McVicker has released Stuck in the Middle. In her book, McVicker provides real-life short stories by caregivers and a practical guide with tip lists.Like many adult children, McVicker felt "stuck in the middle" of the needs of her children, her aging parents, and her career. As the responsibilities became too overwhelming, she quit her job as a development director for a non-profit agency, eventually devoting 10 years to caregiving her parents.During those years, Barbara searched for a primer on caregiving elderly parents to help guide her through the maze of emotion and information. Because every aspect of taking care of her parents involved reacting to crisis after crisis, she longed for both a support group and information crucial to her role as a caregiver. McVicker has now written that primer.Having interviewed hundreds of caregivers and healthcare professionals, McVicker has compiled information that is essential for all caregivers. Her work also serves as a "support group in a book", so adult children caregivers do not feel so alone and isolated. The book contains chapters on the Rewards of Caregiving, Grief, Must Have Documents, Effective Ways to Communicate, Universal Conflicts when Caregiving, and much more.Stuck in the Middle has been recognized by the media, the National Hospice Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, medical school researchers, and seminary professors.For more information, please visit