In the Creeks of Fire: Inspired by the Fight for Justice and Freedom in the Niger Delta

Until the most unacceptable, primitive, massively bungled and rigged elections of 2007, which most observers agree was the worst and most shameful of its type anywhere, the world hardly realized that nowhere in sub-Saharan Africa have ordinary citizens been so disappointed, abused and severely traumatized by their leaders than in Nigeria. And nowhere in Nigeria are the people more brutalized, marginalized and oppressed by the leaders than in the Niger Delta. As we remember the human tragedy that was Rwanda and now glued to the sad and despicable images of Darfur, the world must also pause to see the riveting and equally disturbing images that are emerging from the Niger Delta. In the Creeks of Fire is the inside story of a people as they try to emancipate themselves from a terribly broken down Nigerian system. The people in the center of this struggle for justice and freedom have become simply known as the militants of the Niger Delta. The world cannot help but listen to their plight and the voices of those they are fighting for. The rippling effects of this struggle may touch you directly or indirectly wherever you live. And that's both the sad and powerful reality of humanity's inter-connectedness.