The Location Code - the Best Place to Live: Are You Successful Presently Where You Are?

HAVE NOTICED THAT SOME LOCATIONS ARE MORE PROSPEROUS THAN OTHERS? DID YOU NOTICE THAT CERTAIN HOMES FEEL DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? WHY SOME PEOPLE ENJOY VISITING A LOCATION MORE THAN ANOTHER ONE?THIS BOOK ANSWERS THESE QUESTIONS....People who have been on both the Northern and Southern Hemispheresknow that the water runs down a drain in counter-clockwise direction south ofthe equator and clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Hurricanes, tornadoes and otherlow-pressure storm centers in the NorthernHemisphereswirl in the counter-clockwise motion, but in the Southern Hemisphere this isreversed. Even smoke spirals upward in the opposite direction on each half ofthe Earth. If seen from "above,"(North) the planets of the solar system appear to rotate counter-clockwisemotion. From the southern side of the solar system ("below"), theywould be seen to rotate in the opposite direction. No civilization of any kind has everoriginated in the Southern Hemisphere; people from the Northern Hemispherefounded every modern nation existing south of the equator today. This dominanceof the north over the south manifests itself even among nations, states, andcities. Wherever a war or conflict has arisen, either civil or international,the northern nation-or northern part of that nation-emerges victorious ordominant. Southern Ireland is one example; both before and after their American CivilWar, the North dominated the South in this country, and it still does. AlthoughWashington, the nation's Capital, New York is thefinancial center of this country (New Yorkbeing farther north than Washington).