The Sneak-a-Peek Fever (My True Christmas Story)

How do I tell the story of ten years worth of Christmases? First, although this one is a true story or, more correctly, a series of stories, I'd like to assure you, you've neither read nor heard the likes of it before. As you read, you'll not only learn of my childhood Christmas antics, you'll also learn a few things, which range from the weakness of vacuum tube electronics to some real after-dark monsters.

My story spans ten years of Christmases with a few tall tales included. There's a bit of true Halloween-like story telling, with a sprinkling of Thanksgiving's wonderful foods to enhance the flavor. I begin with my first (and barely remembered) Christmas at age four, and end with my last child-like Christmas at age thirteen.

If you tend to experience a tad too much bad luck, if you enjoy non-violent action stories, or if a touch of humor sparks in you a smile or perhaps even a snicker, I believe you'll enjoy my true Christmas story.